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One million bananas worth of peculiar

Recently, Amazon handed out it's one-millionth banana. Not through Amazon Fresh or an on-campus cafeteria, but through it's two Community Banana Stands. Yep, they are a thing. Started back in 2015, the stands (well, just one back then) were conceived by Jeff Bezos himself, as a fun way to share nature's perfect snack with Seattle.

The two current stands are located in front of Amazon buildings, on Terry Avenue (in Van Vorst Plaza near Mercer), and in front of Amazon's Doppler building on Westlake Avenue. They are open for business, well free bananas actually, Monday through Friday. Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy the bananas; you don't need to be an Amazon employee.

You might wonder WHY Amazon is handing out free bananas to anyone who walks by and sharing banana-related trivia. You might even say it sounds a little peculiar. We're OK with that. Does there really need to be a reason other than that it's just fun?  

Seattle Times covers our one-millionth banana milestone, with a little banana trivia of their own here

Dogs in costume walk the runway at Amazon.

It's too bad we don't have more opportunities in life to see dogs dressed up in costumes. It's been a year since we wished you a "Happy Howloween!" with a bunch of dog photos from our Amazon Seattle offices. Some of us, unfortunately, have pets who show a clear disdain for dressing up, so we have to go long periods of time without dogs-in-costume photos. My dogs looked mildly tortured by the dinosaur costumes I bought them last year and I swore to them we would never do it again. But I still need a fix of dogs in costumes.

Fortunately, our social media team recently did a broadcast of pups in costume walking a really frugal runway. Aside from the ridiculously cute dogs (you have to stay tuned long enough to see Michael Jackson tell his wig to "beat it"), I'm pretty impressed by the collecti0n of human footwear.

Geekwire also covered a costume contest hosted in Van Vorst plaza on Friday, with some adorable entrants and employees talking about what it means to them to be able to bring their dogs to work. What, you think we'd only have one dog costume event on Halloween?

Star Trek Beyond, starring Jeff Bezos?

If you are looking forward to the upcoming Star Trek movie, keep your eyes open for a cameo from someone unexpected: Jeff Bezos. He’ll be appearing as Starfleet Official in Star Trek Beyond.



A fan of Star Trek since childhood – he even noted Star Trek as the inspiration for the Echo device and Alexa automated assistant – it sounds like Jeff is getting to live out a dream. I’m not sure how this particular dream ranks among others, like launching rockets into space (and returning them successfully) or changing how America (and the world) shops.