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Why … Data?

StockSnap_PHE63L27S6Amazon is an eCommerce organization.  We don’t have the traditional brick and mortar profile like so many retailers.  We grow our business through the use of data; Dive Deep is one of our critical leadership principles.  Whether that’s our business intelligence professionals looking at the data for their org – to our team of professionals that review website traffic to make meaningful use of that data - to our team that reviews our customer surveys.  Any kind of meaningful information is what we use to grow our business. 

Data removes emotion from business decisions – that’s not to say that we don’t look for passionate people.  We do!  But this approach forces us to look objectively at the business challenges that we face at Amazon.  Why is this relevant for you as a candidate?  Regardless of level or position, we require the ability to analyze data and be able to tell a story with that data. 

Are you able to make business decisions through the use of data?  How do you approach solving business problems?   We encourage you to get into the detail of the situation that you are describing so we can see your data-driven DNA!


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