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Saying Goodbye – How to Resign

Rain 2We all want to feel like we’ve left our mark on our company by the things we have accomplished and the relationships we have built.  Hopefully we take with us, an abundance of fond memories, new tools from lessons learned and perspective that have helped us to grow both personally and professionally.  So, saying goodbye is never easy and usually bitter sweet. 

As a leadership recruiter, I’m often asked if we can push start dates out a month or more.  There’s a reason why two weeks’ notice is the standard.  Beyond that, resentment can start to build on both sides; those that you are leaving may feel abandoned, while those that you are joining may feel that your commitment isn’t strong enough if you delay your start date.  Be respectful of those you are leaving behind, don’t be boastful about your exciting new role.  Keep in mind they will still be there.  At the same time, your new manager wants to see your eagerness to jump in and get started.

Exit gracefully and swiftly.  Then begin your new adventure!