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Editors note: I'm excited to introduce another blogger who has recently joined the Amazonian Blog team. Lauren Schwartz is a recruiting coordinator supporting our business and technical teams focused on third-party sellers on Aside from being a fellow word-lover like me, she will be a great resource to all of you with application and interview process related questions. So I asked her to start off by providing some insight into what happens when you apply for a job on and specifically, the meaning of the statuses you see when you check in on your application. Take it away, Lauren! 

Man and imacWe know the application process at Amazon can prove exhausting, and at times – confusing. If you applied to a job, or multiple jobs via the career site, you are probably familiar with checking in on your status, which appears on your candidate dashboard. This blog post aims to answer questions you may have about what is going on “behind the scenes” once you officially apply to a job at Amazon.

To see your application status, starting at the home page, go to the right hand corner menu and click “Review application status”. This allows you to see your personal portal, and where you are in the process with each of the jobs you have applied to. I have translated each of the application statuses below:

Under consideration

  • Your resume is under review, which means recruiters can access and evaluate your resume relative to the hiring criteria they are working with for the role.
  • Recruiters may push your resume to a role’s hiring manager for review.
  • You may receive an invitation to a phone interview with a recruiter or hiring team member.
  • If the role is a technical role such as a software development engineer, you may receive an invitation to take an online technical assessment.

No longer under consideration

  • Recruiters reviewed your resume and decided that your experience does not align with the hiring needs for the position.


  • This status means that you have had an on-site interview, received an offer from Amazon and accepted it. Of course, you would already have known this without reviewing the status. We hope you are as excited to join us as we are to have you!

I hope this helps you understand what you are seeing when you check in on the status of your applications for Amazon jobs. Due to the high volume of resumes we receive, we can’t answer additional questions about your personal application status here. If you have questions about how to use or about our interview process, please let us know.


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