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Amazon Welcomes Jeffrey Tambor to Campus

Amazon’s Seattle urban campus community offers consistent opportunities to meet inspirational leaders from across the globe. Amazon Fishbowls are our very own assembly-style speaker or concert engagements, which take place in the Amazon Meeting Center. Amazon Fishbowls have drawn former presidential candidates, world renowned actors and directors, artists, authors, advocates, and philanthropists.

Most recently, I attended a fishbowl with writer and actor, Jeffrey Tambor, who spoke about his book, Are You Anybody, a memoir. I counted down the days until this event, and I was especially interested in whether Tambor would speak about Amazon Prime Video’s role in the Golden Globe winning series, Transparent.

Jeffrey Tambor
Amazonians look forward to welcoming our Fishbowl guests to campus, and often find time to speak with guests after the Fishbowl, or during the session’s Q&A. Check out this photo of Jeffrey Tambor exploring our Community Banana Stand

Beyond his recently published book, and book tour – Jeffrey spoke about his experience on the Golden Globe nominated Amazon series, Transparent. Amazonians were excited to hear that Tambor was on board with Amazon Prime Video streaming even before Transparent started filming. He shared that at the time that Jill Soloway pitched the idea of Transparent and Amazon Prime Video to him, Tambor had also received an offer to do a basic network television show that he said would have done well, but it was too comfortable – his main message to Amazonians is to pick the option that ignites your fire, rather than the option that is more likely to succeed. He took the risk with Transparent because he believed in Amazon, and because ultimately – it was an adventure that excited him.

The session concluded with audience Q&A where some audience members inquired about Tambor’s experience with Transparent, though many questions connected to specific stories and examples in his book. Those who did not read the book beforehand are sure to catchup, and order their copy on Amazon.

While Amazon Fishbowls are open to all full time Amazon employees, they often serve as a way for Consumer Division teams to venture outside of the office together in groups. Those who lead team meetings often use Fishbowl topics and speakers as a launch point for a brainstorm session, continuing to strengthen our approach to innovation and teamwork.


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