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Amazon is helping Mary’s Place provide shelter to homeless families

TravelodgeSeattle’s Denny Triangle, a portion of what’s known as the Denny Regrade, is where downtown Seattle meets South Lake Union. Prior to the construction boom here, the areas wasn’t one where people spent much time; residential development was almost non-existent, and the triangle was full of parking lots, car dealers and the type of low-slung motels previous zoning accommodated. It wasn’t that long ago that one reporter questioned ”what kind of catalyst will spark changes in the Denny Triangle[?]”

Well now we know, obviously, that Amazon was going to be a big part of that catalyst. There were other notable investments in the area before Amazon arrived, but none have gotten the same amount of attention. We started occupying buildings in South Lake Union in 2010 and as we have grown (in employees and facilities), new construction projects have been launched (and completed) in Denny Triangle, a few blocks to the south of Amazon’s core. As parcels have been purchased and permit requests filed, some land in the area inevitably sits unused. Today, it was announced that Amazon has partnered with Mary’s Place to leverage some of that land (and the building that sits on it) to house homeless families.  Partner Seattle

For the next year, the building formerly known as the local Travelodge, and more recently as a dormitory, will serve as a homeless shelter for 60-70 families in need (approximately 200 people). Eventually, construction will begin on the site, adjacent to our notable biospheres. Until then, and starting next Monday, families will occupy the building rent-free. Each family will have a room and bathroom, and access to a playroom, kitchen and some common space. The facility will be open from 5PM to 8 AM during the week (though families are welcome to leave belongings there during the day) and all day on the weekends. And when construction does start on the lot, we hope to be able to offer another site to house the families.  More details are in the Seattle Times article linked below.

We are really proud about this partnership between Amazon and Mary’s Place and the support that’s been offered by the city.

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